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30APR2018 - The current shopping cart software that runs this site has served well for over a decade through various versions and upgrades, but due to pricing changes by the software maker ($20,000 to upgrade? Srsly?), we haven't been able to upgrade the site for several years. Additionally, Paypal is discontinuing support for TLS 1.0 in a month or two, so it's the end of the road for this particular server. Never fear, however - we're working on an entirely new server/site to move the ASP storefront to. It will probably be quite spartan to begin with in terms of offerings, but we'll be moving all products that we still stock to the new site eventually. Stay tuned for further information...

20MAR218 - Only a few short weeks until Spring Pump Event 2018! ASP will naturally be there once again!

7APR2017 - Just a reminder that Spring Pump Event is only 3 weeks away. As always, ASP will be there!

12OCT2016 - We have ICD lever changers and T-stock extensions in stock finished in true 'CCI black'!

8OCT2016 - It only took 3 years, but we finally have the Stripes 1-Piece SC Feeds up on the site!

6JUL2016 - Lapco powertubes are back in stock in all 3 sizes - 4, 6, and 6P.

26JUN2016 - We're pleased to offer a new product from our friends over at Rocker Paintball - it's a roller trigger for the Phantom!

25JUN2016 - The CCI regulators are finally in stock!

30MAY2016 - More finds from storage - 12 gram wrist holders and NW bottomline mounting blocks.

29MAY2016 - Here's a handful of old Dye cocker kits!

28MAY2016 - We found a small cache of old CenterFlag Doolie bottomline regs!

27MAY2016 - Finally posting the PT Extreme spring feed mags that we've had in stock for ages.

7MAY2016 - I must have forgotten to mention that we now have the CCI Dual Rod Undercocking Pump Kits available. This is one of the most popular upgrades for the Phantom currently available.

27MAR2016 - Great news - we managed to secure a small cache of Skinner K4H01 solenoid valves as used on Tribals, original Bushies, and several other gun. We haven't had any in stock for several years, so this will probably be the very last ones we'll ever see that are still brand new and unused.

15FEB2016 - Humphrey CRCB-0051W solenoids are now completely sold out, and it's unlikely that we'll be getting more. We still have plenty of the CRCB-0053W solenoids, though!

21SEP2015 - Fifteen years ago today, Air Soldier Products was formally incorporated. There have been a lot of ups and downs in the industry (and I long ago dispensed of any notion of making ASP a full-time job), but I wouldn't trade any of it. Thanks to all of my customers, past and present - your enthusiasm, support, and friendship is what keeps this little spare time venture going.

15FEB2015 - Sniper fans, have a look at the KPCS Anti-Twist Pump - a cleverly machined bit of kit by master Ken Wenclasky. We also have a used CCI Phantom and a used PPS Stroker available.

1FEB2015 - Everyone's favorite pump paintball extravaganza, Spring Pump Event, has been scheduled for April 25-26. The big news is that paintball legend Mike Casady, the man behind the CCI Phantom, will be attending!

18MAY2014 - The wait is over - Roundheads are back in stock!

6APR2014 - Yes, we're still around! There hasn't been much news, hence the lack of updates here on the front page. Spring Pump Event is coming up on April 26-27 - see you there! Also, Roundheads will be available again very soon!

19AUG2013 - Oh hey, look what is back from plating: ASP fluted CCI hammers!

15JUN2013 - From the vault, here are 3 very rare examples of the JBS King Cobra, which was the forerunner of the Invert Mini. We have one in purple sponge with plastic frame, one in red with plastic frame, and one in red with aluminum frame.

14JUN2013 - Just a heads-up: More fluted CCI hammers are out for plating!

8APR2013 - Okay, I think I have the SSL cert reinstated - Godaddy suxx0rz, BTW. But that's okay, because Spring Pump Event, the most revered and sacred of all pump paintball events around the world, is less than 2 weeks away. Happy of happies, joy of joys! We shall dress like we're going to go play paintball, and then spend the whole day hanging around and shooting the bull. Great amounts of animal flesh shall then be consumed at Famous Dave's, the Sunday tournament will commence, and all shall be satiated for another year. And that's just the highlights. Srsly, SPE is the Woodstock of pump paintball - it's the event you can tell your grandchildren that you attended. Sure, they'll still look at you like the dottering old fool that you are, but the joke's on them - you were at SPE 2013.

1MAR2013 - Sweet, ported TPCs are back from plating and available once more!

19FEB2013 - Again, due to USPS shipping cost increases, free US shipping is now only for orders over $25 (orders less than $25 are subject to a $5 S&H charge). On the plus side, ported TPCs are out for plating!

28JAN2013 - Apologies to our Canadian friends and customers, but USPS shipping costs now make it simply too expensive to provide free shipping to the great white north. Please contact us to get a shipping cost for your orders.

16DEC2012 - Another long-awaited CCI product has finally arrived - the 12-round SC feed tube.

28NOV2012 - I realize I haven't updated the main page since summer. But hopefully this makes up for it.

6JUL2012 - Another beautiful Phantom is in stock, and this time it's 39298. This one is another VSC Phantom, but in a modern 'desert tan' dust finish and features a "so rare it's not even released as a product yet" CCI 1-piece SC feed tube. The new o-ringed CCI TPCs are now available, as is the 10 degree version of the 5 degree mounting block, and the reverse version of the SC feed block.

8APR2012 - Spring Pump Event is less than 2 weeks away, and this year it's the ApocalySPE! ASP will of course have a booth there and will be showing off a prototype of the new Phantom Revolution. I'll try to have most of the pump gun related inventory there, but if there's something you'd like to request that I bring along, make sure to drop me a line.

30JAN12 - More o-ringed CCI TPCs came in, though the new unported option sold out in record time - there's still a few ported ones left.

1DEC11 - I'm guessing they'll sell out just as fast as before, but at the moment we have 7 each of Ghost bolts and hammers in stock.

19SEP11 - We showed off a prototype collapsible buttstock for the Phantom at SPE 2011, and based on the positive feedback, we've now released it as a product.

13SEP11 - Every so often, Mike at CCI will get a request for a special color option, and needs to order extra guns in that color to fill out the anodizer's minimum lot size. As such, I've wanted to get some of these guns since the colors can be pretty wild. The first of these is a VSC in a green and purple splash.

22AUG11 - New product! The DesertT1 Phantom Undercocking Kit is finally available. We're trying something a little different with this product - we're taking orders for them, but inventory and shipping on the kits will be done by DesertT1.

25JUL11 - Apparently I greatly underestimated demand for Ghost bolts and hammers. More have been ordered.

24JUL11 - Ever since Terry @ G3 wrote a guide on upgrading Phantom internals with Lapco Ghost parts over a decade ago, Ghost bolts and hammers have been sought after accessories. We've managed to pester Lapco enough for the past few years about this that they finally sent us some Ghost bolts and hammers.

12JUL11 - More Ported CCI TPCs are in, now with an improved design!

5JUL11 - I keep forgetting to add these CCI Picatinny rails to the front page...

18APR11 - With another SPE over, more Roundhead bodies are now available on the site.

28MAR11 - Roundhead bodies are back in stock! Oh? You'd like one? Well, you'll just have to come to SPE to get one, or take your chances that we'll have some left afterward...

26JAN11 - It appears that the hard drive on the web server is dying, so I'll need to migrate the hosting to a different location very soon. Expect a bit of downtime on the site in the next few days.

18JAN11 - Here's something we weren't sure we'd ever be able to get - Lapco Grey Ghost grip panels.

4JAN11 - Ported CCI TPCs are now available - we chop the tip off the stock TPC in order to improve airflow.

28DEC10 - Humphrey HEA10A5-GL-101W solenoids are back in stock!

19DEC10 - Two new MAC solenoid offerings - the 43A-AAA-RFEJ-0BL and the 33A-AAA-RDUA-0BL.

12OCT10 - A new CCI product? Really? Indeed, Mike whipped up a nifty little SC feed adapter that lets you attach a CCM threaded (7/8"-20) feedneck to a stock class Phantom body.

22AUG10 - The batch of Roundheads is back from anno, and they are beautiful - I think I'm finally getting the hang of producing these. I have inserts installed in 3 of them, hence there are now 3 available.

11JUL10 - For everyone waiting for Roundheads, a batch just went out for anno. KPCS has dibs on half the batch, but 8 will be available for sale. We're still trying to improve our production methods, but they get a little better every time.

10JUL10 - MWP Humps are back in stock, and now in red and blue! The bad news is that this is the last of them, as MWP has discontinued the product. Get them while you can!

22APR10 - Email is back up.

19APR10 - Came back from SPE to find that email isn't coming through for If you need to reach me, you can use airsoldierproducts at gmail for the time being while I try to figure out the issue.

13APR10 - Roundhead production is proceeding, though the current batch is slated for KPCS - more will be coming! As always, we will be at Spring Pump Event this weekend - if anybody needs anything that they'd like to pick up at the event, please send an email!

2FEB10 - The teeny tiny SMC S070C-SDG-32 is back in stock, as are the Clippard MPA-3 and Fabco MSV-2.

22DEC09 - Back from anno! There's a few SC and right offset SC Roundhead bodies in stock.

29NOV09 - Still awaiting the latest batch of Roundhead bodies to return from anno, but hey - we now have a full selection of CCI barrels!

11OCT09 - CCI Undercocking Pump Kits are here! Oh, and we have CCI Phantom Valve Springs as well.

21SEP09 - A limited number of black Roundhead bodies are now available. We believe all the kinks have been finally worked out, and we're forging ahead with production!

25AUG09 - Roundhead bodies have been put on hold for the moment due to a manufacturing issue - they are currently being reworked.

9AUG09 - For one week only, the price on Torment has been dropped to only $1100. This is a great price on a one-of-a-kind custom, and the price will go back up to $1500 on Sunday the 16th if it remains unsold.

8AUG09 - The Roundhead is finally available! This is a ready-to-run SC Phantom body threaded for cocker barrels.

28JUN09 - CCI .45 grip frames are now available in the upswept version. CCI pumps are now available in micro size.

17JUN09 - Replenished stocks of the Humphrey HEA10A5-GL-101W solenoid valves for all you crazy Evil M builders.

5JUN09 - Back in stock are Punisher's Customs Bobbed Valve Bodies.

1JUN09 - Now available for sale, a very special one-off gun from Punisher's Customs: Torment

13MAY09 - Unfortunately, postal charges keep increasing, so I need to bump the minimum order level - as of today, orders totaling less than $20 will have a $5 handling fee added (rather than the previous minimum of $10). Ideally someday I'll get weight-based shipping all set on the site, but that's pretty far down on the list of priorities - I'd rather spend the time on developing new products.

22APR09 - Back from SPE, and catching up on the backlog of orders.

17APR09 - Shipping on all orders is delayed, as I'm out the door to Spring Pump Event. Will work on any pending orders when I get back Sunday night.

2APR09 - SMC solenoids back in stock: VQZ1151K-9G-X86 and SY113A-SG-PM3.

22MAR09 - CCI Phantom Mainsprings are available, and SMC S070C-SDG-32 solenoids are back in stock. We also now have a ready-to-run Ego feedneck centerfeed Phantom body (with detents).

21MAR09 - There's a pair of Sergi K-Frames now available, and a trio of Punisher's Customs guns has arrived: 'Splatmonster', 'S-Pymp', and 'Buck Rogers'.

25FEB09 - Thumbscrews for Lapco pumps!

18FEB09 - We have a single Sergi K-frame available at this moment, with two more just waiting on grips. If you've been wanting one, pounce on it now - Sergi's been very busy lately and there's no telling how long of a wait there will be before more come in.

15FEB09 - By popular demand, Humphrey HEA10A5 solenoid mounting kits are now available. CCI gauged stock class valve bodies are here, as are Lapco Gray Ghost cupseals, CCI 18" barrels, CCI M-16 bottomline mounting blocks, Phantom pump rods, CCI T-stocks, and CCI trigger shoes.

12FEB09 - The day job has kept me working late, and I'm out of packing materials as well. There's a backlog of orders and emails that I still have to get to, and I hope to catch up on them this weekend, so bear with me! I do have some good news - a handful of Sergi K-frames will be available soon.

28JAN09 - Filling out the CCI offerings with 2 more items: SC feed tubes and detent rings.

18JAN09 - A new offering from our friends over at Warped Airsmithing - Trilogy pump kit adapters. We've finally perfected our Phantom ball detent system, and added a few other CCI items to our inventory: ASA reducers, SC feed blocks, and CCI ghost rings.

28DEC08 - New items! Norgren microline fittings, CCI drop forward, import cocker barrel thread taps, and 6" digital calipers.

23NOV08 - I think the colo server is now fully functional, and I can move on to other things... I'm always surprised by the number of people who ask about the ASP M98 Pump Kit that we offered some time back - if you follow that link, you'll be able to read a writeup on the kit details and order the only part we have left from that project (the cocking plate). We also have a rare beauty of a gun up for sale, a PMI 68 Magnum.

13NOV08 - I am pleased to announce availability of the Blockhead body for Phantoms.

9NOV08 - Making progress on the new new colo server. Hopefully this one will work... More CCI parts: Pumps in both 7/8" and 1" IDs, bottomline ASAs, and 5 degree mounting blocks.

16OCT08 - I hate computers. Had the new server all ready to send out to the colo facility, and the hard drive died. Finally got a replacement, and the server is on its way. So I'm thinking happy thoughts, like new products: CCI Phantom hammers and bolts.

21SEP08 - Okay, running a bunch of servers on a home cable modem connection is not a good idea. Cable modems are not enterprise class access devices, to put it politely. Can't wait until I get the last part for the new colocated server so the site can get back to its standard level of mayhem. Anyhow, product additions: Dangerous Power G3 solenoids and PT Extreme lever changers.

26AUG08 - Server hardware started failing over the weekend. I managed to bring the site up on some spare hardware after finally grabbing all the files from the ailing server. So things are functional for the time being, and I can be at least somewhat leisurely about getting the new hardware in place.

10AUG08 - Site looks to be in good shape - I believe I have SSL properly working now, paypal payments should be functional once more, and I trimmed out the old news items from this page. I still need to correct broken links within individual product pages, but it appears that all the hard stuff is done. Quantities seem to be messed up, but at least tracked items that are out of stock look like they still have a qty. of 0.

8AUG08 - It's alive! So, the site has moved to the new server. Now I get to spend the rest of the weekend hunting down broken links and seeing if I can finally make the SSL cert happy under Firefox 3. At the moment, I don't even know if orders can be successfully placed, but that will be one of the first things I'll test.

5AUG08 - Newly added micro-cylinder - the Clippard SM-6. I'm also making headway on getting the new site set up (newer OS version, newest version of the shopping cart software, back to standard HTTP ports, more speed, and minty freshness). Hence, things may (will?) break during the transition while I get things sorted out.

16JUL08 - A box from Sergi just arrived, which means Humpback .45 frames are back in stock, and now come in a matte black finish as well. Also got a few K-frames, but only enough to cover pending backorders.

26MAY08 - More CCI Phantom parts! old (long) style powertubes, vertical ASAs, trigger frames, grip frames, and 12 gram changers.

25MAY08 - By popular demand, I added a 'by the inch' option to the Merlin Extrusion. The shopping cart software is a little weird to configure for such an item, but give it a go and see how it works. Pricing is $11.50 base charge plus $1.83 per inch, which puts it linearly right in line with the existing 8" and 60" options.

28APR08 - I think I forgot to mention that CCI Phantom valve bodies are in stock in all 3 styles, in both black and unanodized.

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